Commercial space available in the district of Nordwestmecklenburg

We are specialists and contact persons for your location search and have a comprehensive overview of all commercial areas in the municipalities of the district as well as of the available commercial and industrial sites.  If you would like to rent or buy storage and office space, we are happy to assist you with our expertise as a business development agency.  In the district of NWM you will find suitable land and production areas for almost every requirement from a small commercial hall to a large building site with excellent transport connections.  We will guide you with the formalities of the authorities and advise you competently on all location issues relating to the new settlement or expansion of your company.

The well-developed  business-oriented infrastructure provides a large selection of attractive sites.  The digital infrastructure is just as important as our well-maintained network of waterways, roads and railways.  That is why we are pushing ahead with the expansion of broadband at full speed.  Thus our district NWM is analog and digital equipped for all current and future requirements of resident companies and start-ups.

The excellent geographical location is due to the proximity to the airports Hamburg, Lübeck and Rostock -Laage. Metropolises in Germany are just as convenient and reachable in a short time as destinations abroad.  This is of great importance for your international business and the recruitment of specialists.  For business partners from all over the world, the rich culture of the region and the well-developed tourist infrastructure with beautiful hotels, leisure and excursion possibilities will make your stay a special experience.  Good bus connections between the centers of Lübeck, Rostock and Schwerin guarantee that commuters can reach the region easily.  Every third employee commutes.  The seaports of Wismar and Lübeck are modern and efficient.  They are the hub of  Central Europe which connects to  Scandinavia, the Baltic States and Russia. The district of NWM as a business location has many advantages resulting  from the efficient transport chains, from which regional companies profit directly.

Commercial and industrial area Upahl

Commercial area Grevesmühlen northwest

Commercial area Rehna

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