Globalization, digitization, the change in energy consumption and demographic changes are changing everyday business life and competitive structures for the long term. What was self-evident yesterday is outdated today. To enable you to react quickly to changes and maintain your growth-innovation forces, we support you with our expertise in economic development and our comprehensive network. Our competent team will advise you free of charge, neutrally and with great commitment. We are your contact partner for all economic and administrative questions. We are the central hub that bundles the contacts of all players, shows you the way through the administration and puts you in touch with the right people.

The more global the competitive environment becomes, the more important is regional support and regional funding for our manufacturing and service industries. The administrative district of Nordwestmecklenburg has a well-developed, business-oriented infrastructure, comprehensive trained professionals, an excellent quality of life, high purchasing power, and efficient administration. Best conditions for start-ups and existing companies to take advantage of growth opportunities and win new customers. We know the regional characteristics and funding opportunities as well as development and structured and transition processes and transport . We give you a comprehensive overview.

Our services are aimed at all companies in industry, trade and services, regardless of size and sector. If you are looking for a new location due to a new start-up or expansion, we will support you in finding a suitable commercial area, selecting office space and search for existing commercial properties whether you wish to buy or rent space.

With the combined strength of politics, local authorities and administration, the district endeavors to continuously improve the working and living conditions for trainees and employees and to support companies in the recruitment of talented people. As a business development company, we are the link between companies and the people in the region. Through our projects, events and the Welcome Service Center, we support companies in finding specialists, strengthening their employer brand and presenting the region as an attractive place to live.

Our services

Transparent and understandable: Funding Advice

Are you a regional entrepreneur or start-up entrepreneur looking for a suitable funding program to manage investments and market adjustments? As part of an initial consultation, we will inform you about current funding programs from the EU, the federal government, the state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and the district of Northwest Mecklenburg. Public subsidies are government grants and are subject to strict criteria. This includes the preservation and creation of jobs, new start-ups and the securing of existing companies in the course of company succession. Each program has to be applied for at different institutions in its own procedure. We support you in understanding the requirements and technical terms. We will also check your chances of winning the contract and advise you on which factors you need to change in order to meet the requirements.

Information and Safety : Preliminary Construction Consultation

The approval procedures for planned construction projects on commercial and industrial sites are complex decisions. With our team of the Economic Development Agency you have a permanent contact person for your questions. Within the scope of a building preparation we check your commercial building project for its acceptance and your application documents for completeness, so that you will not experience any unplanned surprises. Already in the planning phase we deal with possible problems and regulations and act in an advisory and supporting capacity in close cooperation with the responsible authorities. If the authorities are well informed in advance, the actual approval phase is later accelerated.

Impulse and Synergies: Project Management

With our expertise in project management and project development, we act as an intermediate between actors and target groups.  Together with private and public partners, we initiate and support future-oriented projects that make the vi district borders of NWM known beyond the borders of the state itself.

If you have an interesting project proposal, we support you with our know-how and our regional network of business, science and culture in the organization and implementation of your project. Benefit from the synergies that arise from joint cooperation provide new impulses and increase the future and competitiveness of the companies and organizations involved.

Communication and Networking: Event Management

Professional location marketing is an important success factor in the competition for the brightest minds, investment companies and public perception. Active communication and the idea of networking are best promoted at events. We use various platforms and trade fairs to actively promote the region and the economy of Northwest Mecklenburg. Campaigning days bring together specialists in search of new challenges and companies. The program of regulars’ tables and workshops include the exchange of information and experiences as well as interesting insights and new perspectives on current topics.

Martin Kopp

Martin Kopp


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Anna Grimm

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