Getting families and jobs under one roof is often not so easy. We are happy to help you find a suitable childcare facility and a suitable school. If you have any questions about child and parental benefits or offers for families and seniors, we will be happy to assist.


Would you like to balance family and career? With us it works! It starts with childminders, daytime nurseries, kindergartens and schools. The offer is diverse. For children from the age of one until the age of three, as well as for children from the age of three until they enter school, there is an entitlement to a part-time space (30 hours a week) in a daycare center. For working parents childcare can be adjusted to up to 50 hours per week.

Parental Benefit

Would you like to claim child benefit? Child benefit is paid until you reach the age of 18. In addition, child benefit can be paid until the end of the 25th year of life if your child is undergoing vocational training or studying. The application is free of charge and is made through the family fund.

Maternity Allowance

Would you like to claim maternity benefit? You can make an application to your health insurance company. The prerequisite for this is an existing employment relationship at the beginning of the maternity protection period. The application should be made from the moment you have the calculated date of birth of your child. The maternity benefit is paid 6 weeks before and 8 weeks after the birth. The application is free of charge.


Do you have questions about the school system in NWM? The school education starts with primary school from grade 1 to grade 4. After the orientation stage, which is independent of the school type, subsequently follow the regional school, the comprehensive school, the secondary school or the special schools.

Care and support

You would like to have your relatives cared for and in good hands or are in need of care yourself? There are various types of nursing and care facilities in NWM. They support and help you in your old age. Whether it is in daily life or if you want to make an appointment.

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