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Welcome Service Center? What is it?

The Welcome Service Center is the first point of contact for new citizens both domestic and from abroad ,   returning home enthusiasts, young graduates and commuters. They all appreciate the excellent quality of life and the diverse range of jobs offerings, with many opportunities for development, training and promotion. The district of NWM offers freedom for professional and private development.  Families can decide whether they prefer a city apartment or a house in the countryside.  The quality of the day-care centers, kindergarten and schools is excellent. Music schools, sports clubs and leisure clubs encourage and challenge everyone according to their talents and make community life an experience.  Through the many cultural offerings as well as contact and leisure time possibilities for young and old, integration is guaranteed.

The impressive natural beauty with its changing scenery is a treasure waiting to be conquered.  The people on the Baltic Sea coast are down-to-earth, straightforward, warm and open-minded.  Sports enthusiasts, art lovers and families love to let the fresh sea air blow around their noses as they explore the beautiful Baltic Sea beaches and cliffs.  The hilly back country entices with lush meadows, natural biotopes, dense forests and beautiful lakes.  In our beautiful UNESCO world heritage and university town of Wismar, culture seekers can trace the time-honored Hanseatic tradition. Windmills, castles, farmsteads, monasteries, fishing settlements and brick churches are silent witnesses of a rich history.  The urban centers of Rostock and Lübeck invite you to take extensive city walks.

Companies refer their new employees and their families to the Welcome Service Center, where they receive professional support and comprehensive information from one source regarding the organization of their daily lives.  Through our concentrated competence we relieve the personnel department of work.  As an employer, you can already score points with our services during the recruitment process.  Your employees feel welcomed with their families not only at their new place of work but also in their private life.  It is an important factor for success during the settling-in period as well as for the  long-term integration, motivation and retention of the skilled workers. Other services that are specifically aimed at companies, such as our skilled worker monitor, our company packages and the organization of workshops and regular meetings complement our extensive range of services.

Personal advice
for new residents

Every new citizen brings along individual prerequisites and the integration into the new environment is easier or more different for each individual .  With a lot of experience and tact, we deal with uncertainties in a friendly and competent manner in personal discussions.  Every new resident receives exactly the information he or she needs to get started quickly and without any problems.  We guide you the way through the formalities of the authorities and suggest additional contact persons.  Our information includes among others: job vacancies, application possibilities, housing, training, studies, day­-care centers, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes, public transportation , religious communities, health care system, insurance, German language courses, culture, sports opportunities and leisure activities.  If you are not in the area we will be happy to assist you by phone or e-mail.

of specialists for the district of Northwest Mecklenburg

The recruitment of specialists is our main aim.  If core competences remain unoccupied the basis capacity of small companies is endangered.   In the future , the demographic change will make the situation for MV even more acute .  Our central concern is to attract well-trained and motivated specialists to the region.  On the one hand, we ourselves are contact persons for newly recruited specialists and job seekers. We organize events and projects to bring together qualified employees and companies.  This has the advantage that the company does not present itself in isolation but as part of the attractive and lively economic and urban environment of NWM.  The potential applicant feels completely welcome and companies can concentrate on their strengths as employers.  themselves as employers.

of companies and company packages

Together we are stronger.! The network idea is at the forefront of the support for companies.  Synergy effects generate cost and time savings and bring valuable added importance to all those involved.  As a special service for companies, we have developed well thought-out company packages with an outstanding price-performance ratio.  This supports you and your personnel department with special services for the recruitment of specialists. Every months we send members     a compact overview of the available specialists that you can actively recruit for your company.  Always up to date with our events in the region,we present your company  as well as your open job offers.  Special highlights are the Commuter and Holidaymaker Activity Day.  Our job fair “Returnee Day” attracts great attention.

Knowledge transfer with Fun:
Organization of Workshops and Regulars’ Tables

As part of the company packages, we arrange welcome get togethers and excursions to the region for your employees.  In the relaxed atmosphere, open questions can be answered in a casual ,  relevant  manner and many valuable tips can be exchanged.  This is a  great enrichment for immigrants of all nationalities.  As part of our membership, we offer entrepreneurs exclusive network meetings, regulars’ tables and workshops focusing on the recruitment and long-term retention of employees and specialists.  Due to digitization and the changing expectations of skilled workers, the demands on companies are increasing.  At our events you can address specific problems and receive valuable solutions.  With a strong, regional network at your side, you are well prepared for the future.

Thats what our customers say

Those of you coming to NWM for whatever reason is fortunate. Due to our hospitality.  This can be seen not only in the friendly staff at the authorities, but especially in the Welcome Service Center.  All questions are answered there in a competent, friendly and solution-oriented manner.  Just as the North Germans are.

Thanks for the friendly welcome in Wismar and the fun events! I already feel at home here after 3 months.

Manuela KomorekHansestadt Wismar

At the returnees fair in December 2019, I found out about the options for returning to Wismar.

During my visit to the fair, I was given friendly and very competent advice at the stand of the “Welcome Service Center Nordwestmecklenburg”.

I am also very grateful for the very committed aftercare. The support in finding a job was very reliable and quick.

I can only praise and recommend the team’s service.

Magrid FischerHansestadt Wismar

You are a company from Northwest Mecklenburg
and need support with the integration of your specialists?
Then contact us!

You will be advised by

Anne-Juliana Bunkelmann

Anne-Juliana Bunkelmann


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Recruitment of skilled workers
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T: +49 (0) 3841 3040 9843

Susann Malchow

Susann Malchow


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Retain specialists
Recruitment of skilled workers
Welcome service

T: +49 (0) 3841 3040 9841
E: s.malchow@nordwestmecklenburg.de

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