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The County – Finding a Home

Symbolbild für die Region Nordwestmecklenburg für die Unterseite 'Heimat finden' der WFG NWM [(c): © GDZ NWM ##JAHR##]
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What do you think of when you hear Northwestern Mecklenburg?
The Baltic Sea and long beaches? Right!
Wonderful cities like the UNESCO and Hanseatic city of Wismar? Correct!
Short distances to centres like Lübeck, Rostock, Schwerin or the Hamburg metropolitan area? Right again!

But did you also know that we also build the world’s biggest cruise ships?
That we are home to Europe’s biggest producer of office furniture?
Or that Europe’s biggest wood cluster has settled here?

Around 6.000 national and international businesses are waiting to be your partners, customers or employers!

Whether you want to find your business or private home here with us, get to know us better by getting in touch and making an appointment, either via our Contact Form or directly via Experts.

You will find more information  about the infrastructure of Northwestern Mecklenburg County in the form of geodata in our Interactive County Map.


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