The saying goes, „Leben, wo andere Urlaub machen“-Live where others go on vacation. While this is true for many regions in Germany. What makes NWM such a great place to live?

Let us explore the benefits of moving here:

Living/Housing: There is something here for every taste, from a smart townhouse to a cottage in a small village, or do you prefer a modern villa in the suburbs, or even a deluxe Baltic sea view apartment.


Town life:

Wismar is the capital of Northwest Mecklenburg, offering theater, cinema, restaurants, bars, and cafes for every taste. The cultural history of Wismar offers many sites and makes for a highly picturesque city backdrop. There are many shopping possibilities for everyone in the city and surrounding shopping malls. The quality of life is written very big here. Short distances and easy access are a plus for all citizens. Other cities such as Grevesmühlen, Schönberg, etc., offer the inhabitants local stores with regional products and necessities.



The county is connected by train and bus.  The well-developed bike routes are good alternative transportation, and on a summer day, one could believe that when on the way to work, one is on vacation. Even on the hottest of summer days, there is always a slight breeze for a comfortable temperature.



Do you have children, or are you planning on having them? We have Kindergarten/schools in most major centers and offer alternative school and kindergarten systems. From Waldorf Kindergarten/Farm Kindergarten/Private schools/ to public and many high schools with an excellent reputation. The kindergarten in Northwest Mecklenburg is free of charge for the first child.



Here we could go on forever—the endless water activities, sailing, swimming, stand-up paddling, kite-surfing, to mention a few. The infinite bike paths, the enchanting castles and Manor houses to visit, the artist studios, the museums, horseback riding facilities, the countless lakes in the area offer quiet time or beach activities for the whole family. The musical highlights throughout the year, the only thing that we cannot provide are mountains.



Work is, of course, a significant reason to move to a region. Northwest Mecklenburg offers many jobs in the tourist industry and the timber industry, food industry, medical career, etc., to mention a few of the most prominent branches. There are many opportunities to explore.  The new high-speed internet allows us to work from home or at least have this option.


I believe that Northwest Mecklenburg is an excellent place to live. I enjoy the convenient connections between the cities through the highway. The easy access ability to everything that I need in daily life.  The mixture of a small town and country life. The variety of sporting activities in and outdoor for all age groups. The small cafes and restaurants, and let us not forget the people. People say that the north Germans and quite cold at first; this may be true, but when you get to know them, they are great. They are helpful and friendly. Come to Northwest Mecklenburg and find out for yourself. The Welcome Service Center located in Wismar is there to help you with all your steps in moving to Northwest Mecklenburg. Give us a call or write us an email. We are happy to help and look forward to your questions.